Incendiar el Corazón a film by Mark Vicente

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Incendiar el Corazón a film by Mark Vicente

“If Mexico could end violence through compassion, it could change the world. I am asking for you financial support for this film. Help us get this film out. Helps us magnify my brother´s legacy as a force for good in the world.” Julian Lebaron

Incendiar el Corazón is a film directed by Mark Vicente, an acclaimed writer, producer, and director of documentaries such as What the Blimp do you Know, and co-produced by Just Action friend Alex Balassa, head of Blindspot. Knowing of a project that will touch the lives of millions and create a complete paradigm shift towards a higher consciousness happens in very rare occasions. Incendiar el Corazón is such a project.

Watch the trailer…

Be part of this project! Your support is require to complete Incendiar el Corazón. To participate with your donation, click HERE

My deepest gratitude to the group of people that took on this project as a labor of love. My ever lasting respect goes to all of you.

2 Responses to “Incendiar el Corazón a film by Mark Vicente”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  2. Javier Munoz Says:

    Thank you for sharing this message to all your followers! You are making an impact!

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