How can resistance be your friend?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: August 10, 2011
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Resistance is what opposes your self-realization, and naturally, you may consider this an obstacle that needs to be eliminated. Paradoxically, this seemingly logical conclusion is in itself a clever form of resistance since any attempt to destroy it may in fact misdirect your focus from manifesting your higher Self. If your attention is placed on keeping resistance at bay, you are in fact empowering it. Instead, you will find that resistance is to be integrated as an ever-present aspect in any quest. You will learn how resistance’s mounting presence is a necessary aspect of “being” your higher Self.

A ship’s purpose is to navigate, and the sea is its resistance. On occasion, there is a storm with large swells that defy the ship’s seaworthiness, but when not at sea, the ship’s purpose to navigate is not realized. Likewise, a samurai has mastered the art of combat, but his skillful handling of a sword would amount to nothing without an opponent since it is only then that his mission and calling manifest. In other words, you will learn to face your own brand of resistance celebrating its presence as a necessary and integral aspect of your higher Self.

Without resistance, there is nothing to overcome; there is no point of reference, no lesson, no climb, no challenge, no tension, no movement, no flow, and thus, no purpose…

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