What is your Irrepressible Urge?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: November 8, 2010
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lotus_flowerYou may go to seminars, read books, be advised by gurus and experts, but in the end you will follow what I call your irrepressible urge. What is your irrepressible urge? It’s the manifestation of your will that powers your intent, your being, and your pursuits no matter what. It is an spontaneous expression of your essential nature – the product of your life’s unique alchemy of genetics, spirit, passions, values, and karma. Your irrepressible urge is always constructive even if it appears dysfunctional or morally reprehensible at first. In hindsight, you will realize that its manifestation is always in perfect harmony with the pursuit of a higher level of coherence. Your irrepressible urge is pure energy informed by your intuition and powered by your heart. At times, it may run against conventional wisdom, in other occasions it will call for a sense of harmony with the status quo. Either way, it should not bear a moral judgement given that all paths followed by your irrepressible urge are valid and will converge in higher coherence in the end. This is the very foundation for a non-judgmental and compassionate state of being.

Then, you may ask, why would I care to actively seek my personal growth if all my elections will eventually converge in higher coherence?

It is a fair question! Maybe we could just seat in contemplation and just react to life’s events… However, humanity’s next era of growth and the current ongoing paradigm shift depends on how you take action to create sustainable value through your active contribution. Hence, when I coach, I call upon your essential irrepressible urge to manifest to flow with it in harmony. Coaching you against your irrepressible urge would be a waste of time even if there were strong reasonable arguments to do so. The point is not to change your irrepressible urge, but to become aware of it and leverage its unique nature. When your irrepressible urge is clear and devoid of all unneeded interference, you connect to an inextinguishable source of energy that will help you face all challenges. You may be asking what is unneeded interference? The most common unneeded interference is fear. Freeing your irrepressible urge from fear is akin to liberating a wild bird from a cage…

When you awake the guru you have within, you are fully tuned with the very essence and purpose of your irrepressible urge

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