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Is that Normal?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: November 1, 2010
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IzanMany of you already know that I have just been blessed with the joy of becoming the father of a healthy boy. As most first-time parents do, my wife and I prepared as much as possible for this life-changing moment. We read countless books, subscribed to baby websites, participated in online forums, asked all kinds of questions to friends and family, and went to all the necessary doctor visits – all in an effort to be the best possible parents. One of our plans was to have a home birth with the help of an experienced midwife that we painstakingly choose after much consideration. However, we also prepared for a contingency if one should occur. And indeed there was a contingency!

At 1:42 AM on October 27th, Mari woke up all of a sudden to realize that she was leaking. Immediately, she started to have very intense contractions 3 minutes apart. At first, we did not know whether she had broken water or not, could it be a false alarm? After one hour and twenty minutes of contractions, and guided by our Doula‘s advice, theory was about to have a new meaning through actual experience as we headed to the Hospital. To our surprise, soon after arriving to the Hospital, we were told that Mari was fully dilated. What?! Given that she was a first-time mother and that the baby was bigger than average we expected a 10-12 hour labor. However, Izan had other plans – he was born at 5:12 AM in less than 4 hours and 5 weeks ahead of time.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans – John Lennon

Despite of all our reading, many of our assumptions appeared to be wrong, but everything was PERFECT nonetheless. Currently, the most common question at home is: “Is that normal?” It seemed as if we had not prepared at all! In fact, what you read about refers to what happens ordinarily, but what about all the extraordinary richness present in the subtle details of your own life’s experiences? There’s no amount of reading or advice that can give you a glimpse of this extraordinary spiritual and emotional dimension. And the reason is because you and all your circumstances are unique manifestations that cannot be repeated. Your value creating potential resides in these extraordinary dimension of your unique experience. There are no gurus, no experts, and no books, that will ever be able to describe the substance and potential of your own life. You are your own guru and you write your own book as you venture into action. Become the Guru you have within and discover what’s normal… for you!

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