Beyond Green – Documentary

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Beyond Green – Documentary
This post was written by the New Paradigm Community Convergence team, a group of remarkable people that among other things, will produce the Beyond Green documentary. Their vision and some of the ideas they present may seem controversial to you or at least far-fetched. If it were totally reasonable, if it didn’t make you question your own beliefs, it wouldn’t be a paradigm-shifting project. In Just Action, we support the expression of all perspectives that challenge us to take action and be better persons. For that reason, we have offered them to guest-blog the post for this week. In previous posts, I invited you to come up with your own unreasonable project, a project that would support your highest ideals and values, a project that would stretch your mind-body-soul to a higher state of being. The Beyond Green documentary is without a doubt such a project. I congratulate the creators, Natalia Alvarez, Ignacio Mayorga, Eric Bochene, Zoe Bochene, and Sandy Yang for their inspiring efforts!

Javier Muñoz,
Founder of Just Action

Beyond Green Film Project

Day by day, hour by hour, it is becoming painfully clear to more and more people that if we don’t change almost everything in terms of what and how we think and thus behave, in a very short time — probably less than a decade — we will be facing a situation where the “crisis” we see unfolding around us now, will shy in comparison and seem “mild” to what lies ahead if we continue along in this outdated “Everybody For Themselves” (EFT) system.

Are there solutions? Apparently yes, if you believe some politicians, if you believe the marketing and even a lot of documentary films that are telling us to “Go Green” and be a “Conscious Consumer”. Apparently yes, if we all could just obey the 3R’s of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. However, the cold-hard-truth is that this is extremely poor thinking.

npccThe New Paradigm Community Convergence (NPCC) is producing a documentary film that intends to show that “Going Green” is not really a solution at all. Instead, that it is merely a mask of the same old game and the same old paradigm. And that to pass the transition, we have to go “Beyond Green”.  

The story will start in China, showing some deep and rarely presented aspects of this country by the global mainstream media. Then, it will show alternative ways of living in different communities in India and Europe. Additionally, the film will examine the emerging power of online communities and the role that they might play in the transition to more sustainable and holistic ways of living. Finally, it will capture the arrival of the group to Argentina, where we will meet with other people to start living and working together on laying the foundations for future New Paradigm Communities (NPC).

In essence, this will be a story of adventure and travel, a story of people looking for real and practical solutions to create a new paradigm. A story that will share the experiences and challenges of old and new emergent initiatives to inspire and nurture the development of future communities. This will be a story for those who are ready to take action.

What is the New Paradigm Community Convergence (NPCC)?

The NPCC is a global initiative and website that exists for three (3) prime purposes:


First Purpose

To promote initiatives, projects, and movements that are aimed at transitioning society away from the overly materialist, Everybody For Themselves System into something that is far more holistic, ecologically balanced and saner. Specifically, we encourage the realization of convergences of people (at least 500 or more) so that they may finally begin living and working in a closer, more interconnected and synergistic manner for the purpose of designing and building sustainable — ecologically balanced “New Paradigm Communities” (NPCs).


Second Purpose

To build and provide a transparent global network of collaboration that can assist individuals and movements in their efforts in order to maximize and empower their “Transition Processes”.


Third Purpose

To provide information on the realities of our current lifestyle, on new technologies for sustainable living, and on useful information to support the ongoing Paradigm Shift.

The Vision of the NPCC

Picture if you can, a world in which every last human being had FREE and unrestricted access to the satisfactors for all the basic needs in life. Fresh, organic, whole-food, clean drinking water and shelter. Imagine these things all readily available, localized and in abundance.

Now consider energy, healthcare, learning environments, and all the various other “higher needs” of society. Imagine them being free and accessible to all as well. Now go just a bit further and imagine a society and culture where it was understood that it’s NOT about everyone “having” or “owning” a car for example, but rather, it’s a question of everyone having access to a car. A society that focuses its creativity and energy towards intelligent resource management and distribution, rather than money.

What are the New Paradigm Communities?

The New Paradigm Communities as we call them, are ecologically balanced, total-human living environments. And, in almost every conceivable way, they are the exact opposite of what we see today in this out-dated and unsustainable linear paradigm. In essence they are about:

•    ONEness rather than fragmentation and segregation.
•    Abundance rather than scarcity.
•    Cooperation rather than competition.
•    Sharing 
rather than hoarding.
•    The evaluation and meeting of real needs rather than manufacturing needs.
•    Unrestricted access to places rather than “private property”.
•    True learning & understanding rather than schooled indoctrination.
•    Recognition and acknowledgement rather than fake-ass “political correctness”.
•    Consensus decision making rather than “democracy / socialism / communism”, etc.
•    Interdependency of individual and collective responsibility rather than government and laws.
•    People having societal roles and being truly productive rather than having jobs and careers.
•    Understanding of reproductive responsibilities instead of having babies because it’s natural.
•    Real trust rather than fear, anxiety and neurosis.
•    Fun, enjoyment, passion and excitement rather than monotony and drudgery.
•    Creativity and individual expression rather than conformity and repetition.

Who’s behind the NPCC?

The NPCC was conceptualized and established in 2010 by an initially “small” group of like-minded people living in China but from different places around the world. And, it could be viewed as an interrelated and interdependent “component” of the World Food Sovereignty Project; an organization that focuses on being a catalyst for totally reshaping the way society looks at and approaches its food production, distribution and consumption.

Global Event in Argentina 2012

The NPCC is also planning the first ever scheduled New Paradigm Community Convergence event! Our goal is to gather at least 500 hundred people converging with the commitment of staying to live and work towards developing the a New Paradigm Community on a designated land area.

If the interest and excitement grows into something beyond the basic concept, it is likely that we would include some sort of “NPC Conferences” not only for the people converging, but also for people locally and from wherever else. It would feature speakers from around the world as well as a wide variety of interesting workshops and forums of discussion and information sharing. Also, it would have some kind of Festival (featuring music, arts & crafts, technological showcases, etc.) that would not only be fun for all participants, but also informative, as it could serve as a platform for spreading the NPC concept and a plethora of other related information.

For More Information

For more info visit: The New Paradigm Community Convergence Website –
If you or anyone can help make this project a reality, please contact us at:

3 Responses to “Beyond Green – Documentary”

  1. Natalia Alvarez Says:

    Dear Javier,
    It’s a great honor for us to participate in Just Action and help you to inspire other people to achieve their dreams.
    Our lives are changing so fast and, what seemed to be a crazy idea less than one year ago, is becoming more real everyday. It’s really exciting!
    We have received a lot of support, specially from you and we’re very grateful for that.

  2. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    We will not solve our current problems from the state of Consciousness we were in when we created them (paraphrasing Albert Einstein).
    “Green” is a result of Higher Awareness to What We Are in Relationship to What Is in a Spiritual/Energetic Context.
    Awakening to an Awareness to Live with Intense Joy, beyond Fear, is Priority One. Attempting to change the world IN the world is merely polishing the brass on Titanic.

    A commentary. Rock The Doc! Best Wishes to You All at NPCC.
    Love as a baseline, where fearlessness allows Joy, becoming Peace, and emerging as Ease: In Alignment.


  3. Natalia Alvarez Says:

    Hi Joe! Thanks for the good wishes.
    Beyond green is based in the Spiral Dynamics Integral theory about the states of human consciousness. As you said, to change the world we think we have to increase our level of consciousness and “upgrade” from the green to the yellow level of the spiral, the next one according to the theory.
    It’s also a pun expression referring to the “green consumerism”.
    Beyond Fear is key! Excellent phrase.

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