Best Competitive Advantage: LOVE

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: July 6, 2010
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xabyIn business there are all kinds of buzz words, and it seems we have to not only know about them, but also apply them or else we are doomed. Strategy, client development, long tail, direct to market, relationship management, social media metrics, psychometrics, conversion optimization, networking, search engine optimization, persuasion assets, sales pages, social objects, followers… We spend more energy learning about the new buzz words than doing what we love.

Recently, my super talented cousin, Xabi Mendoza and I were talking about his popular comic called Owned!. He has created an epic viral phenomenon among teens with a comic series that focuses on the video gaming subculture. He has done so with the help of literally thousands of followers that flock to his blog daily just to check if he has posted anything new. Forget about RSS, email marketing, or distribution lists… Teens just go to his site and check just in case there is something new. Xabi is preparing for the second season coming up soon, and everyone that follows Owned! is ready to retweet, like and share his stuff in all social media venues as soon as it hits the waves.

Keep in mind Xabi has not implemented any of the blogging, branding, and web design best practices. He has built his loyal following without knowing what the blogging gurus recommend, and without following the hundreds of courses and programs available to build and launch online products. Even though he increases his readership by the thousands weekly, he could do even better if he were to apply these best practices, but that is not the point!

The point of this post is that success is the direct bi-product of one thing: LOVE.

The feasibility of your project does not depend on money alone. Even if it sounds like utopia there are means to build a validating following for your creative project even before it gets produced. The first organ that develops in a human embryo is the HEART. All creative expressions must do likewise. You should form the HEART of your project even before all other aspects needed for its survival develop. The question you must ask is whether you are developing your project’s heart! Then the rest, will follow in harmony.

Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question… Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

For all the expert advice and best practices to work the required ingredient of love must be present. Tuning your daily actions to do the things you love is the key. In a world with so much competition, your only true competitive advantage is to serve others through an authentic expression of love. It is only in that state of being that your highest expression will emerge; it is only in that state of flow that your full creativity is born; it is only in that state of harmony that you inspire true loyalty and trust.

If one day you had to choose between the world or love, remember: if you choose the world, you will run out of love, but if you choose love, with it you will conquer the world. ~ Albert Einstein

As we said good bye, Xaby told me:

It does not really matter if all these efforts make me any money now, I just know for a fact that I will continue drawing to the end of my days no matter what. It is inevitable, I just need it…

Of course, little does he know how quickly his life will change soon… It is only a matter of LOVE. All the business buzz words cannot compete with it…

For the skeptics among you, look at what the most traditional business oriented publication, The Havard Business Review, has to say about Love: Win the Sale by Winning your Customer’s Heart

For those of you curious about Xaby’s work check out this video montage of his comic series:

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. ~ Plato

7 Responses to “Best Competitive Advantage: LOVE”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    The simple Truth: Love AND Above! Keep your focus (t)here, and all will align. Nicely stated.

  2. virginia Says:

    Do the work you love to do. Feel grateful that you are able to do it.

  3. Javier Munoz Says:

    Yes Joe, the real secret is that things are that simple!

  4. Rogeman Says:

    Go Xabi 🙂 Even though you might fail in your attempts and not come victorious at the other end with fame fortune and money, all this will not matter since you will have spent your time doing what you love.


  5. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Roge, failure comes only when you are not able to do what you love… If you are fully tuned to that sense of flow provided by the activity you love, there is no amount of money that you would want to have instead.

  6. Xabi Says:

    Thanks a lot Javi for helping me this much and for this kind gesture. Whenever I feel down I tend to think of this quote: “With innocence and determination we can accomplish objectives statistically less probable”.

  7. Dinesh Anavadia Says:

    Do what you love.Love what you do.

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