Three Ways to Bond with your Spouse for Breakthrough

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: July 26, 2010
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Harmony and peace start within, but to go beyond, to expand and realize your potential, you need the support of your love ones. You cannot make great progress alone, your life team has to be with you for real progress to ensue. Those of us that have this support should not take it for granted. You should nurture the bond with your loved ones in full awareness that it is the foundation for all great breakthroughs that you will accomplish personally or as a family. In this post, I will discuss three creative and unique ways to strengthen or rebuild the bond with your spouse or life’s partner. Bonding with your life’s partner occurs in three equally important dimensions: Spiritual, Physical, and Mental – The concept of playfulness should be present in all three dimensions.


Do Yoga Together

couple_lotusYoga practice creates holistic mind-body-spirit harmony helping you prepare for any action. If you practice Yoga with your spouse you compound the benefits by invigorating and balancing the energy flow between both of you. As you complete the Yoga practice, you feel your heart chakra open and balanced.

Luckily, my wife is a Yoga teacher so I get to practice with her. The type of Yoga that activates your creative sexual energy is called Kundalini, which refers to the libidinal force that lies coiled in the base of the spine. Kundalini Yoga untangles this natural creative energy and makes it flow in cycles through your body. However, all Yoga practices dislodge stagnant energy to rejuvenate your mind-body-soul.

My wife and I practice Hatha Yoga and get similar effects. After completing the Yoga practice, we hold each other in a lotus position embrace for a few minutes and feel the connection. In our experience, our reopened heart chakras renew our bond leaving us with a lasting sensation of oneness that goes beyond the emotion of love.


Painting on the same Canvas

We discovered joint painting one night as I was showing her that we could all be creative artists! I decided to tape two pieces of cardboard on the floor and took out finger paint. We got naked and started painting with no expectations, and no pressure. Once in the creative flow, with laughter and joy, there is little to stop you from exploring and experimenting together. Our awakened child within rejoiced in the freedom of expression. When finished, I stood up and looked at the creation and I was actually surprised! The result shown below was more than just a painting, but also a meaningful symbol of the awakening of our potential.


Then, it just became normal for us to paint jointly, both of us working on the canvas at the same time. We have made several paintings that always intend to have a meaning. We did one for the occasion of our wedding, and then another one for my sister in law. I also liked one we did symbolizing the birth of my first niece. One of my favorite joint paintings is about a life mandala that shows the cycle of breakthrough as explained in this video. The creative dialog and team work that results from playful joint painting prepares us as a couple to take on other activities with the same positive outlook.


Cooking for each other

special_dishGoing on a date to a restaurant is always a fun occasion. But, you could add a creative twist to it! There is little meaning in ordering from the menu. The candle light and the beautiful scenery are always a plus, but what if you could make this occasion into a meaningful surprise!

Once in a while, my wife and I cook for each other. But we make it into an elaborate surprise. If it is my turn, I stay at home cooking a new never made before dish, and she leaves to a friend’s house to get ready for our special date. I prepare the dish and the ambiance with the sole purpose to impress her. The creative part of cooking something new, the expectation of seen her come home, and the surprise I give her with my special dish for her, all make for a great bonding experience filled with laughter and appreciation for each other. Then, the next time it is her turn to surprise me with her best dish ever. No restaurant can beat your life’s partner loving intention.

The unfolding Just Action journey that you go through as a participant of our personal transformation game will be enhanced by the support of your loved ones. Nurturing these important relationships is a key to your breakthroughs. I hope these ideas help you in creating a healthy and enduring bond with your life’s partner. If you have your own rituals or practices share them with us here in the comment section!

4 Responses to “Three Ways to Bond with your Spouse for Breakthrough”

  1. Angelica Blanco Says:

    I love this posting! My Fiancée and I also do yoga together. I actually took this advice from you and Mari when I visited you two last year.

    We also go jogging together (at the beach, parks, etc) or we do indoor rock climbing.

    Oh! And cooking. We looove cooking together. We are both into organic eating, so we take pleasure in shopping at whole foods, looking up new recipes and then creating new dishes together. No restaurant can beat the joy we both get out of shopping for organic groceries, creating an amazing meal together and then sitting down and relishing at our food creations.
    It’s priceless.

  2. Javier Munoz Says:

    Angelica, these are great additions to the list! It is in these simple things that we find joy.

  3. Jeanne Demers Says:

    This is a wonderful post, Javier! Thank you! It is one thing to know to do such things and it is another thing to actually do them. I could be so much better at actively attending to my relationship in these playful ways. You have inspired me (again) 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Javier Munoz Says:

    Thank you Jeanne for your kindness! The joy of sharing with your life’s partner is the best sauce for motivation and creativity. It is always the best thing to push through challenges. It is invaluable…

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