Your Unreasonable Projects Wanted

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: May 10, 2010
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unreasonable_projectsAside from bill-paying projects that take most of our work hours, I invite you to also envision and work towards what I call your Unreasonable Project.

That may not sound too reasonable; how could I recommend such a thing? So, an Unreasonable Project is an idea that starts as an out-of-box thought that is far fetched, almost impossible.

It could be a vision based on your ideals or on your highest values. It could be about creating an invention, a discovery, or a profound social change. Unreasonable projects are normally on the edge of a paradigm shift, and given the profound changes underway, these are the sort of projects that need to be started now. Do you have your own Unreasonable Project?

Allow the possibility

For these projects to be realized, you have to enact the vision as a possibility. You must enrich this vision with as much detail as possible. You have to free your soul from any sense of limitation and allow it to play detached from all baggage that can keep you from manifesting creatively through your highest expression. Suspend your conditioned adulthood and reclaim the playful child again. Unreasonable projects are soul stretchers that keep your spirit healthy and young ready to be surprised by the many opportunities that can arise if you allow them in your life.

The ideas that change the world start as Unreasonable Projects

Most great discoveries or achievements started with an unreasonable project. Nelson Mandela’s vision of South Africa without Apartheid, Albert Einsteins’s Theory of Relativity, Muhammad Yunus’ idea of micro-credits for the poor, and thousands of other ideas started as unreasonable projects. Of course, you could say, all these people are very special. They are all famous! But, what makes them special is that they dared to have an unreasonable project that they pursued with loving persistance.

You could also pursue your unreasonable project. In fact, in the Just Action network there are many people working on their unreasonable projects. They are not famous yet, and maybe they will never become famous, but they vibrate in tune with their highest being through purposeful missions creating value and great meaning for many through their endeavors. I have found these people to shine brightly and joyfully as if they held a secret that we will soon discover to make us happier. I will profile some of these great examples of loving people and their hard work in the following post.

Humanity needs your Unreasonable Projects

I would add that given the profound changes underway, your responsibility is to envision and take on your most unreasonable projects as soon as possible. Your unreasonble projects are wanted. They are your contribution to humanity. You could start with a local social action, with volunteer work in a developing country, with your artistic expression, with that book that is inside of you that expresses your passion, or with an invention to contribute towards preserving our environment. There are infinite possibilities. Take action.

You may ask, how could I take on such a large undertaking now. I have no money or time to do any of that. I can hardly surivive. Although action is of the essence, the first thing you must do is take some time to ask: Do I intend to change my situation? If the answer is Yes, then ask: What actions I am doing in a daily basis to change my situation? If you cannot come up with any actions that you can do given your current circumstances, I would suggest that you start tuning your mind-body-soul to be open to the opportunity. First, take 10 minutes to envision the most impossible outlandish out-of-box vision of a project you would like to be part of. Be entertained by this vision, don’t allow logic to disuade you from dreaming, enrich your vision with as much detail as possible. The actual actions will become clear as you prepare your mind-soul to pay attention to the many opportunites ahead.

In following posts, I will continue describing the anatomy of an unreasonable project and how to pursue it. For now, start playing with these ideas, and tell us what unreasonable projects are you entertaining – be bold and don’t settle.

8 Responses to “Your Unreasonable Projects Wanted”

  1. virginia Says:

    Hi Javier,
    Of course you know all about my unreasonable project. Getting a feature film produced about East Timor.

  2. Steven Putter Says:

    Hi, Javier, I am a great supporter of what you, my unreasonable project is the project Imagine Zambia as well as the Global Digital Democracy Platform. I think these projects could be considered perfect examples of unreasonable projects, and I am not saying that I don’t have anything to learn.

    One of my experiences that I would like to share with you however is this: When you plan a project on a small scale, localized, the universe will open those doors for you, if you have the faith to take the steps to make it real. The universe won’t act if you are just thinking about it. Have faith to start the process. Then, if your vision is related to the betterment of the whole of humanity and earth, fasten your seatbelts as the universe will open the doors even more, the synchronism that comes and plays into your reality is astounding. I know this since I am living it. Thank you for what you are doing, I love it!

  3. alma jean smith Says:

    javier, my unreasonable project is to reinvent myself and create a life i believe in. the one i have, which has some “perks”, does not seem to be what i dream of. i can’t get there from here, as we say. i can move to a city and live with my recently widowed sister. but i will leave this life i have here. and i might be able to create more “there”, but, well, is this a good unreasonable project?

  4. Javier Munoz Says:

    These are all great unreasonable projects! @Virginia do you know of a site called Kickstarter, it helps people get the necessary funding through pledges.

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  6. Alex Balassa Says:

    My Unreasonable project is: Create eyeglasses for one eye people like me to see the NEW Popular 3D Movies and 3D TV like anyone else… We have the brain (camera and processor) we only need one eye (lens) to finally made it… anyone?

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  8. Kathryn Seelye Says:

    My unreasonable project is on a smaller scale, but once enacted will be highly duplicatable by others. I am part of creating a healing network that will bring many facets of alternative healing to my immediate and surrounding communities. My goal is to assist those at greatest risk to find their center, find their internal healing mechanism, have access to nutrition information in terms that they can actually understand and implement, and ultimately help them grow to where they seek their own paradigm shift.

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