Unreasonable Projects from our Friends

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: May 16, 2010
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In last week’s post, I called for your Unreasonable Projects In that post we discussed how these projects shape history. How many things that seemed unreasonable yesterday have become common practice today? If we don’t allow an idea’s higher vision, even if unfathomable now, we will never evolve past our current paradigm. Even if a theory is yet to be proven, even if it could debunk our must deeply held beliefs, we should remain open. I am particularly attracted to constant reinvention, considering new paradigms keeps my mind-spirit fresh and vital. I love my daily dose of unreasonable projects, and for that reason, I will share the latest of our Just Action friend’s unreasonable projects:

luke_millerLuke Miller

Luke’s project is Offset Options a company with the paradigm shifting mission of empowering companies and their customers in the fight against climate change by providing solutions to offset a company’s CO2 emissions. With CO2 recognized as a leading contributor to climate change, forward–thinking companies are increasingly looking to assess and reduce their CO2 emissions. Offset Options is committed to environmental and social sustainability. Becoming a Carbon Neutral company today may seem unreasonable, but companies such as Offset Options will make it the norm in the near future. Connect with Luke in Facebook to support his project.

magali_bongrandMagali Bongrand

Magali created the concept of Socially Intelligent Marketing that encourages advertisers to make the most out of their promotional efforts by creating a social impact while at the same time benefiting from the visibility provided by the advertising. Magali’s company, called INSTINCT, provides advertising platforms which render a service to the communities and creates a positive social impact. In order to insure the meaningfulness of the social impact triggered, INSTINCT uses the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals as guideline to its innovation. Connect with Magali in Facebook to support her project.

steve_putterSteven Putter

Steven’s organization, Imagine Zambia works to foster sustainable development in Zambia to eradicate malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. It pursues eco-friendly development within rural communities using the natural resources available in innovative ways to diversify revenue sources. It teach communities to develop a spirit of oneness where the individual creates a better future for the family, the family a better future for the community, the community a better future for the country. Connect with Steven in Facebook to support his project.

To find out how you could start your own unreasonable project, you have to experiment and play! Take one step today… Start your own game!

4 Responses to “Unreasonable Projects from our Friends”

  1. Steven Putter Says:

    It seems that I am in brilliant company here, thank you for adding me. I am sure this discussion will go far, wide and deep

  2. Amie Sugat Says:

    I’m starting a company called Green Site Boost. It promotes small and privately owned companies who strive to make an ecological difference either in the way they are run, the products they use, or the services they provide. My product will take 30 companies every year and bring them to the top search rank through articles marketing and social media. in one year they will each have about 200 articles written about them and 200 social media posts about them. This is a no cost service to the company.

  3. Jeff Sadler Says:

    My unreasonable project is to start a brick and mortar center where I teach Tao philosophy and meditation like I do in Second Life but with a brick and mortar center I would be able to hold workshops and retreats. I have even had a friend of mine tell me where the perfect location would be in a town called Crestone Co. The land there is still very inexpencive

  4. Heather Thomas Says:

    The unreasonable concept behind The Recycled Mind is to increase awareness on two levels. One is to provide the tools and resources for people who are ready for change in their lives but don’t know where to start; and secondly using the same open-mindedness that is required for moving out of your comfort-zone into new ways of thinking, to help raise environmental awareness. As the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, I am confident that a shift has begun, and we all have the power to flow with the momentum towards greatness. We have a full website at http://www.therecycledmind.com, with ebooks coming soon, and also our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/therecycledmind, where we do a daily awareness raising post. Come one and all to our place of Love and Light.

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