Life is like Knitting

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: April 5, 2010
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knittingEven if you are unaware you are an active participant and co-creator of all events. In a previous post titled the Three Keys to Universal Consciousness, I proposed that 1) Universal Consciousness is a 10-dimensional space. 2) That human beings are capable to connect to this Universal field of Consciousness and 3) that we are constantly knitting information into this field through our thoughts and our material actions.

This constant encoding that we do through our actions is like knitting. When events in your life are aligned and show a magical quality of synchronicity, you can bet that they result from the coherence you knit with every action. Each minute represents an opportunity to knit a tighter net. Your actions along with the actions of those around you build coherence over time. And coherence has the property of attracting coherence just as light attracts light.

Coherence is a property that describes the amount of value you can create with the least amount of energy. For instance, natural phenomena emerge out of the coherently harmonious intervention of infinite factors creating beauty and value with the least possible energy – in nature no energy goes to waste. When you are one with your highest being, in connection with Universal Consciousness, you also flow in full synchronicity creating value with no apparent effort. If you act with integrity, you will be able to knit an ever more coherent field of resources to create value. Therefore, be mindful of how you create coherence with your actions.

However, you are not the only one knitting. The whole of nature is knitting! Your actions travel in space and time and meet the efforts of others. When your legitimate intent finds alignment in the intent of others, a spontaneous bond is threaded enabling instant access to each others resources, and effectively reducing the amount of energy and time necessary to achieve a collective goal.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” Pericles

There would be limitless possibilities if we were able to engage collectively in what I call the Jazz Effect, the unique gift of improvising a rendition typical of the best Jazz bands that are seemingly connected as one while spontaneously creating beauty in harmony. This is the type of coordinated knitting I am referring to where collective coherent actions emerge seamlessly and in full harmony from what seems a mystical sense of purposeful unity.

Many Just Action users report that they become ever more mindful of this knitting and synchronicity effect as they take action purposefully when playing their characters in the game. Tell us below about how you are knitting your life and experiencing this mystical event of synchronicity in your own endeavors…

2 Responses to “Life is like Knitting”

  1. virginia Says:

    My days always seem to be like this. Whenever I think of someone,bingo I get a call from them or an email. It also works great for parking spaces. However, if the person you want to connect with is not on the same vibrational plain as you, it won’t happen.

  2. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Well, Javier, I’m collaborating with you, and you’re on the ‘other side of the planet.’ nice knitting. thank you.

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