Three Keys to Unleash your Super Power

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: March 28, 2010
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These are the Super Powers of my Facebook Friends:

superhero_fb_opinions Last week, I asked my Facebook friends: “If you could be a Super Hero, who would you be? What Super Powers would you have?” I got 24 responses and everyone said they would like to have the power to heal, to love, to be compassionate, to bring hope and happiness in peace and harmony with mother earth… I do have to admit that some of you wanted to do this while flying, through teleportation, or in various invisible states, but that’s beside the point! 🙂 You do have a unique Super Power to manifest these highier expressions. This post presents three keys to unleash the Super Power you already have within. You have already started to spread love the moment you feel this intent in your heart…

Maybe you are thinking that having a Super Power is a bit too presumptuous. You are just a regular person, right? That belief could be the root of your problem. It is not about being better than anyone else; it is about tuning to what you do better than anyone without losing sight that we all have a unique gift. Have you given up on the notion of finding your highest expression? Do you think it is too late to pursue this discovery? Or maybe you think your Super Power won’t pay the bills. What if there was a hidden potential within waiting to be unleashed. We are living in an era where we have an unprecedented power to serve and provide value to others through our unique expression – our Super Power. The next paradigm shift will be shaped by those of us that pursue the discovery and realization our unique Super Power.


Your Super Power is Unique as you are Unique

We are a unique manifestation of Universal Consciousness, a singularity that has its own unique patterns and vibration. At the same time we are one with Universal Consciousness, the source of it all. Over time, if we are not watchful, we grow apart from this source of infinite potential, we detune from our highest vibration, introducing fear and limitation to our lives. We have to become aware of our unique boundless nature and get reacquainted to it by retuning again to our highest expression. Your essential nature is never lost, but your awareness of it could be lost if you are not watchful of your energy. Your Super Power is a product of your energy as a unique manifestation in connection with the infinite Universal field of Consciousness.


Your Super Power is Discovered as you Conquer your Fears

To retune your Super Power back into your mind-body-soul you must pay acute attention to all energy flows. What makes you vibrant and creative? What makes you tired and bored? Are you aware of what feelings and thoughts dominate your inner dialog? Are these feelings and thoughts productive? Are they adding towards your mission? Could you transform your state of being and inner-dialog into a harmonious and creative field? What keeps you from adopting a positive mindset? If your beliefs or values have an iota of limitation, rest assured that they should be questioned no matter the circumstances. If your inner thoughts are full of “yes I could do this, but it won’t be possible because…”, “yes I could make it, but I am not capable, but I am not young enough, old enough, this and that enough” then only put a YES were your BUT is.


Your Super Power is Mastered as we Play with it

As you have read above to discover your Super Power you must become aware that there is a unique combination of experiences, passions, talents and interests that make up your highest vibration. Likewise, you must undo any resistance thinking or conditioning that could be interfering. But if you want to take hold and master your Super Power, you will have to PLAY. It is only through practice and experimentation that you will realize what results from your performance. To find the right alchemy of ingredients that produce your Super Power you must play and experiment. Positive material results are important since they provide validation, but the key to mastery is to ascertain whether your being is energized while playing. If you feel empowered and joyful even after hours of practice, then you are probably tapping into your Super Power. You feel empowered after what should be an extenuating performance because you are flowing in seamless connection with Universal Consciousness. There is no confusion, there is no second-though, there is no time, there are no doubts, only one crystal clear intent, and a pure manifestation of your shining light.

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