Are you Spiritually Sexy?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: March 16, 2010
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fusionIt is time to transcend the current worn out concept of sexy based mostly on fleeting physical and material qualities and become aware of what makes anyone sexy in the long-term. In time, the eye candy gives way to the true timeless essence of your attractiveness. This timeless essence of your attractiveness is your spiritual sexiness.

You seldom see the words spiritual and sexy together in the same sentence; however, both are intimately intertwined as it can be seen in the millenary religious symbols that can be found in allegorical art and scriptures from various religions where sex and spiritual practice are amalgamated into one. However, the rise of the material paradigm also alienated sex from its spiritual dimension. We lost the full meaning of being spiritually sexy…

Last week, I asked my Facebook friends…

What does it mean for you to be sexy? and these are some of their responses:


These were only four of more than 30 replies that seemed to agree that being sexy depends on how we express our vital energy. Without a doubt, what ultimately determines whether you remain attractive in the long term involves all dimensions of mind-body-spirit, hence the mystery and fascination with this question…

The answer to this question lies in how you manage your personal energy. The timeless essence of your attractiveness is a function of your energy level. The single most important tool you have to manage your psychological energy is your attention. You cannot have multiple thoughts at the same time, so you must choose carefully where you place your attention and therefore your personal energy.

Spiritual sexiness expands to infinity as you become aware of true unity through love, compassion, and gratitude for others and for your environment.

To be attractive over time you must create value for those who are attracted to you. You remain positive and creative if you manage your personal energy in full awareness. When you are in tune with your passion and with a clear sense of mission, manifesting your highest self with no interference, you become radiant. The sense of fulfilment and happiness that comes from such a state of being makes you spiritually sexy.

Being spiritually sexy entails strong values of trust, authentic commitment, and continuous value creation in your relationships. As you become aware of this fundamental mutual rapport your relationships become an extension of yourself and vice-versa effectively expanding your creative power and your field of possibilities.

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