Episode 15: Action Set for Solopreneurs Part II

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Episode 15: Action Set for Solopreneurs Part II

In Episode 15 we present the second of a three part series of Action Sets for Solopreneurs. In this episode we talk about the seven factors of a healthy Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The seven factors are: 1) Mission 2) Vision 3) Motivation 4) Meaning 5) Story 6) Remarkability 7) Coherent Action. Watch the video to learn more about these seven factors to build a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem. Creative entrepreneurial activity is the foundation for a new era of growth, but as Dan Pink states in a TED Conference (Link Below), to be truly creative you have to be motivated by more than just an economic incentive. Behind your action, there must be a meaningful purpose that is important to you and that is bigger than you. Everyone of us is unique since we draw our uniqueness from a particular combination of interests and values that make up our story. People relate by means of stories more than by mere logical arguments. What’s your story? We all have a story that may be more compelling than a plain product or service description.

Clarity about these six factors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem will help you take action in a way that is consistent and coherent. These six factors prepare you for the only means of true progress, the seventh factor: Coherent action. I invite you to share your story in the comments area.

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