Episode 14: Action Set for Solopreneurs Part I

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Episode 14: Action Set for Solopreneurs Part I

In Episode 14 we present the first in a series of Action Sets for Solopreneurs. In this episode we point you to all resources needed for you to be prepared to start your entrepreneurial adventure. For those of you that have been following this show, you know that I recently published a Manifesto titled The One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge where I discuss why I consider entrepreneurship a key to start a new era of progress. It is only through your own fulfilment that you will be able to tap into your unknown potential. Developing this potential we all have will be critical in creating the solutions to the many problems humanity will have to face in the short term. In this episode, I also provide recommendations for the best sites and experts to follow if you want to learn more about starting your solopreneur career. I would enjoy learning about your entrepreneurship experiences. If you have any stories, I invite you to share them in the comments area.

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    One Response to “Episode 14: Action Set for Solopreneurs Part I”

    1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

      Know Your Passion. Accept No Limitations, particularly the limiting thoughts of ‘the Experienced.’ Take Yourself to Market, Passionately, Aligned with Your Truth. Just Action is proving to be an excellent Alignment Experience/Process.
      Thanks for the structure Javier!

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