Episode 11: Action Set for Writers

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Episode 11: Action Set for Writers

In Episode 11 we present the first of a series of “Action Sets” for specific professions, situations, or projects. In this episode we have prepared an Action Set for Writers that includes a set of key actions to help those of you interested in getting published and selling books. We address the fundamental changes that are underway in the publishing industry and the many exciting opportunities that are becoming available for writers. We talk about how you as a writer can take advantage of the web to build your own platform to reach readers and sale your work generating substantial revenue even before being published. The bottom line is not to get published, but for your book to be useful to someone. We have lost touch with the authentic purpose of a book. As authors, we have to regain our focus on the reader and leave behind our focus on getting published. If you seek recognition, you won’t get it from getting published, but from each and everyone of the people you have served through your writing. Building your own platform is not only a way to market yourself, it is an asset you will be able to use to derive reader feedback and revenue for any product or service you decide to create. Therefore, it is not a one time expense, but an investment in a durable asset that will have a return over time if you nurture it and commit to this new model. Social Media will provide you with more options giving more independence and control over your craft. See what resources are available to take action now!

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