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Just Action TV | Video Blog » Blog Archive » Episode 10: Define Effective Actions

Episode 10: Define Effective Actions

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Episode 10: Define Effective Actions

In Episode 10 we go full circle to talk about how to define effective actions. In the last 9 episodes we prepare our state of being to take effective action. Now we start addressing the agent of change itself and the core of the Just Action game, the structure of a well defined action. In this episode we recommend a great blog about Zen transformative lifestyle through simplification. If you are ready to take action, creating, playing, and expanding, don’t miss it!

One Response to “Episode 10: Define Effective Actions”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Action! (these thoughts came thru as I took in this episode)
    You can control your actions, but not the results. Brilliant insight. Recognizing WHAT someone Who Is Being the character You Are Creating would be doing makes it so easy to visualize What You Do While/When You Are Living/Performing Congruently AS Your Ideal Character.
    Visualizing Your Character in Action lets you observe the things you get to do, AND choose to evolve from having to do.
    What are the little ‘nuts and bolts’ things that I will do next that My Character would be doing, thus causing me to BE That One?

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