Episode 6: Being + Playing=Breakthrough

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Episode 6: Being + Playing=Breakthrough

In this episode we cover the following subjects:

1. We discussed the BEING – PLAYING – BREAKTHROUGH RESISTANCE cycle since it is the fabric of our experience and the foundation for growth.

2. We discussed the importance of training our mind and soul and pay at least the same or more attention to this aspect as we do to caring for our external appearance. Do you have a daily routine to care for your mental hygiene? We discussed how Affirmations, Visualizations, and Meditations could be part of your daily routine to prepare your mind and soul

3. We will also provide some tips and book recommendations on Affirmations and Meditations.

One Response to “Episode 6: Being + Playing=Breakthrough”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Mental Hygiene. I Love It! Brilliantly stated, and concept well articulated. BEcome from the Inside/Out…expression BEcomes Reflection – reflected inner self as the outer world.
    meditation = nurturing your inner/higher self connectivity with the outer reflective experience. yes. yes. yes.

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