Episode 5: Start to Play

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Episode 5: Start to Play

In this episode we cover the following subjects:

1. How to play the character you are creating in Just Action. If you want to shift your paradigm, create, play, expand and have an impact, becoming aware of your state of being and performing the actions you have defined for your character is the key. Play is the vehicle to reach a state of flow enabling the realization of your potential joyfully.

2. We update you on the progress of The One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge.

3. We will also provide some tips and book recommendations that will help you perform your character.

One Response to “Episode 5: Start to Play”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    What about your current identity isn’t a fabrication of your imagination, right now? We’ve had to imagine ourselves into the role we are playing now in the ‘outside/real’ world, yes? Then allowing ourselves to expand our potentiality, thru performing our expanded imagining of ourself is the creative mechanism to finding our surroundings matching the ‘sensational’ imagery in our minds. Thank you Javier for reMINDing me of my Imagination’s creative root to my current experiential World. namaste.

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