Episode 4: Start to Be

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Episode 4: Start to Be

In this episode we cover the following subjects:

1. How to adopt the state of being of the character you are creating in Just Action. If you want to shift your paradigm, create, play, expand and have an impact, becoming aware of your state of being is the key.

2. We update you on the progress of the One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge.

3. We will also provide some tips and book recommendations that will help you adopt a state of being in alignment with your goals and your actions.

One Response to “Episode 4: Start to Be”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Identifying Inner Resistance vs. Intuitive Thought:
    Conditioning vs. Authentic Creativity:
    How your BEINGness AUTHORizes Just Action:
    Creating Character:
    Freedom of Choice, AND Implementing What You Choose To BEcome.

    Choose to BE What You Are, beyond the limitations of Domestication!
    Great suggestions toward Achieving/Obtaining/Maintaining Expansion, AND Expanding, from there, yet again.
    THX Javier!

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