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The Just Action Challenge is intended to help at least one million people create a positive change in their lives. To join the challenge download
The One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge manifesto and if you like
it, start a Just Action game and spread the word about it…

What is this all about and how will you benefit?

The manifesto is based on the notion that your own personal fulfilment is the basis for the next paradigm shift. The many challenges faced by humanity call for a collective and coordinated effort where all our creativity will be needed. Therefore, we must make a deliberate attempt at discovering and realizing our creative value-generating potential.

We are entering an era where your own fulfilment is not only a personal goal, but a necessary ideal for the wellbeing of humankind. If you can make the choice to pursue your highest purpose, a proactive effort to discover your infinite potential is almost a moral imperative. All of our actions have an impact. Let it be positive.

4 Responses to “Join the Just Action Challenge”

  1. Dorothy Lecours Says:

    Thank you for creating such an UPLIFTING and High Vibrational environment.I lost track of all time and space while viewing your Just Action video blog! It was the most EXTRAORDINARY adventure! I can hardly wait to EXPLORE the many opportunities you have provided!

  2. Glistening Deepwater Says:

    Providing a fun way for folk to reach for their full potential, in the interests of overall benefit to the whole of humanity is a fabulous idea. Thank you for actualising this vision, well done!

  3. Curtis Bard Says:

    Thanks JAVIER,
    Great eBook. I’ll spread it around.
    We can be our Best and Highest selves, and together we can make a difference.

    – One World, One Family

  4. Just Action TV | Video Blog » Blog Archive » One of my Unreasonable Projects Says:

    […] Project, but by now, giving the growing support we are getting, I feel the goal set in the Just Action Challenge is absolutely within reach. Unreasonable projects can only be defined from your own perspective. […]

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