Are you determined to making a change in your life?

This is the first question I ask as a coach. If you have a firm commitment to making changes, then coaching will work for you. Your firm intent is the first necessary ingredient to start your journey of discovery. If you have a clear intention to transform aspects of your life, then Just Action is the right place for you…

Coaching can help you…

  • When you are deciding on a career path
  • When you are unhappy at work and in need of a change
  • When you have been fired and need to reinvent yourself
  • When you have a new business idea that you want to start
  • When your business is not doing well, and you need to turn it around
  • When you have problems with your boss or with your business partners
  • When you have a personal cause or life changing project and you need guidance
  • When you have retired and you are looking for ways to continue creating value

How do you start?

The most effective way to begin is to sign-up for a Just Action game. In the game you will go through four Just Action BITs (a Bit is a guided presentation that leads you through the game) that will provide you with a solid foundation for productive coaching sessions with me. As you go through the Bits, you record your progress in our online Just Action playground. During the coaching sessions, I go over your game to provide you with guidance on how to improve your performance to get the results you want.

What are the different coaching packages available?

Single 90 Minute Express session US$ 150.00 | Schedule a Express Session >
Review your Just Action game to tackle any questions you may have regarding your new project, life changes, fears or concerns about taking action. I will go over your being script and action plan providing you specific tips, additional resources, and intros with other participants in the Just Action network that could help you!
The 21 day Just Action Journey US$ 450.00 | Schedule a 21 day Just Action Journey >
The 21 day Just Action Journey includes three (3) 60 min sessions over the course of a three week game where we will go deep into every aspect of your project. I will oversee your progress and provide you with guidance using the Just Action playground during the whole 21 day period. You also get unlimited access to the Just Action playground and to the Just Action Bits.

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