Javier Muñoz

Javier Muñoz

My name is Javier Muñoz and I am the founder of Just Action, a social game for personal transformation. The reason why I created Just Action is expressed in The One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge manifesto.
“My objective is to help at least
one million people create a
positive change in their lives…”

How did I get started?

In 1995 I started a Web design firm in Miami mostly focusing on providing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. To do my job, I had to ask questions about the founders, about their mission, vision, values, products and services. In many ocasions, I realized the answers to these questions were not clear. So, I found myself coaching my customers on how to clearly define the fundamental aspects of their business. I did it without knowing it was not part of my job description. However, I enjoyed it tremendously.

Eventually, we got into larger more sophisticated projects of our own, and provided consulting for Internet startups of all sorts involving venture capital, larger organizations, and bigger risks. To my surprise, some times, even big-shot CEOs and their top-notch management teams could not articulate a clear value proposition and a mission for their companies, let alone for themselves.

In time, I saw many companies fail and a few unlikely successes that gave me a few ideas about what makes a person or team breakthrough. These experiences led me to understand the value of a clearly defined purpose, true commitment, team work, strategy, and relentless positive action.

That inspired me to create Just Action, a web-based social game that fosters the patterns of success making participants experiment through play while realizing insight and tangible breakthroughs in a short amount of time.

What qualifies me to help more than one million people?

I can propose this seemingly grand objective mainly because I have decided to adopt an open state of mind that allows me to envision Just Action as a space where you can be inspired to discover and realize your own life’s creative purpose. Also, I can propose this objective because I am determined to keep playing and to remain in awe of the many possibilities still in store. Therefore, I am qualified because I am playing to explore the limitless potential that can be realized when you dare.

What are my credentials?

In this case, I feel that I don’t have to list my credentials in an attempt to establish my authority since I am not here to teach you anything you cannot discover on your own. One of Just Action’s driving principles is that you are your own master, and no one can take action, play, experiment, or realize insights for you. My only job is to provide a space for you where all this activity may take place. However, if you truly need to know whether I went to school, or whether I have created anything else worth mentioning, then go ahead and visit my LinkedIN profile for more.

What is my commitment to you?

The people that have used Just Action to date have realized greater clarity on their sense of purpose, they have made decisions, and they have taken action. I would like to extend these benefits to any one wanting to make a positive change in their lives. I am committed to continuing my efforts in research and development for Just Action to improve functionality and add quality content. I am also committed to helping you reach your goals. I would certainly enjoy learning about your projects (reach me in Twitter: @justaction). It is easy for me to make these commitments since it is both my passion and my mission to do so.

I greatly appreciate your participation.

Javier Muñoz

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