Three Keys to Innovate Your Beliefs

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: August 31, 2011
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Tame your Arrogance

As a child, you learned about the world by placing labels on everything. You repeated these labels and you heard others with great authority repeat them as well. Then, we start experimenting, drawing conclusions from our experiences, building relationships, identifying patterns, enriching our labels with additional information – in turn, building our belief system. In time, we confuse the labels with the true essence of what we are labeling claiming that we know all about the world without confronting the underlying mystery present in everything. Your beliefs could be useful at describing some areas of truth since they allow you to operate successfully in many cases. As you operate your life through these beliefs, they gain the quality of absolute unquestionable truth. Even when life events debunk aspects of your beliefs, you sit in denial as you desperately look for ways to return to an internally consistent past that now is gone. Your mind-body-soul is now facing the unknown again. Relinquish the unfounded arrogance of knowing all, reclaim your inner guru, take action, and surrender to being part of a whole that is greater than you.


Make it Simple

When innovating your beliefs look for ways to simplify. Have you found the irreducible complexity of your beliefs? Nature is complex, but not unnecessarily. You build complexity into your beliefs to indulge your ego; however, expressing your beliefs simply is a greater expression of your genius. Simplicity is a feature of the truth. You steer away from the path of simplicity when you force a deeply held belief through reasons that are not founded on truth. Only intelligent minds could argument these reasons to their delight with life being the only undeterred challenger. The pursuit for simplicity is efficient since it keeps you from formulating too many exceptions to your rules. Paradoxically, a wider perspective will help you draw simpler conclusions even if you increase the field of knowledge. Contradictions dissolve when detaching your point of view to include others. Hence, the quest for simplicity is a courageous one. There is no process required other than increasing your energy level.


Find the Joy

Personal reinvention is often motivated by dramatic events. A loss of a love one, a professional failure, a breakup, or a layoff may force you to depart the seeming harmony of a previous lifestyle. Such life events make you question the meaning of it all. It is hard to find joy in such dire circumstances. However, distress comes from an adult´s uneasiness with being confused. By now, you should certainly have it all together! Now, feel for a second the enthusiasm of a child as she experiments joyfully even through confusion. Could you reclaim your original eyes to bring fresh meaning to life as you did as a child? Can you connect again with the rush of new beginnings and of new discoveries? Toppling your LEGO® tower left you with plenty of new building blocks full of potential. What are you going to build today? The new upcoming Just Action game will help you create a more meaningful and fulfilling life playfully and with the support of others in the same quest! I hope it will help you in your quest.

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