The Anatomy of a Breakthrough Action

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: December 2, 2010
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anatomy_breakthrough_actionThere is no denying that progress is about persistently executing small actions towards a clearly defined goal. These small actions, or as I call them push actions, are the warriors in the front lines that do the dirty work or the pawns that can never move back in the game of chess.

But sometimes, you have the opportunity to move the Queen and change your game forever. A Queen’s move is akin a breakthrough action. It is a strategic move that can set life-changing events in motion. In this post we will dissect the anatomy of breakthrough actions to help you build up to them and recognize the opportunity to take action when it comes.

Effective Breakthrough Actions Require Coherent Preparation

Although one single action can change your life forever, that single action is only the spark that lit the fire. But first, you have to collect kindling, sticks, large pieces of wood, and set the tepee in place in preparation to light the fire. If the wood is not the right one, or your tepee is not set correctly, your fire might not last. Therefore, setting the stage for your single breakthrough action is necessary for it to have its intended impact.

Think of a breakthrough action, as a new potential life form that depends on its surrounding environment to survive. If the surrounding conditions are right, your breakthrough action will trigger a massive change in your life; otherwise, it will perish with no impact. The actual breakthrough and the resulting massive change occurs because there is enough coherent energy supporting the leap. It is coherent, because the resulting change is productive showing correspondence and meaning. An electron jumps to an outer orbit around the atom only when there is enough energy to make the move. All your preceding actions should collect enough energy to power you through your new reality. Think of your preceding actions as potential energy that you store for later use. The following questions will help you assess whether you are building the necessary potential energy for a successful breakthrough action?

  • What are you doing to build people’s trust?
  • What are you doing to build credibility?
  • What are you doing to build your skill set?
  • What are you doing to show your commitment?
  • What are you doing to express your love?

It is a Matter of Timing

The right timing is in the realm of the unknown. Maybe you made a breakthrough decision already, but you have yet to execute it. Knowing when to execute is part of the mastery of taking effective action. A potential breakthrough action could live or die exclusively on its timing. A call to your boss to present your new initiative could find a willing ear if you time it right. Today’s access to real time information allows you to time your actions accordingly. Twitter is an open window to what’s in people’s minds in a specific moment, Facebook and Google provide access to real time information as well.

However, your intuition is the best source to assess timing for action. Therefore, you should nurture your intuition through stillness and meditation. Constant analysis won’t inform your intuition better than allowing some quiet time. Look for immersive activities that relax your mind, then pay attention, and make a conscious assessment of timing when you are about to execute what could be a Breakthrough Action.

Courage to Dare

The first stage of an action is a decision. Once the decision is taken, your intent to follow through is the ignition key to set the action in motion. After all the preparation, the right time has come to take that step! You thought it would never come, but now it is here and you MUST take action. You must overcome uncertainty, the fear of failure and the possibility of rejection. Even though you have been working towards this moment for a long time, you may also feel a natural resistance to change. All along this process the underlying force that powers you through it all is the courage to dare!

Lack of courage makes people stay in a perpetual pursuit of an ideal rather than actually making a legitimate attempt to reach it. Making no definitive attempt would allow you to keep your life’s purpose unchallenged. Indeed, if your attempt fails or even if it succeeds you would be faced with a scary question: Now what? Taking the step to breakthrough could actually leave you in need of a total personal reinvention.

What’s your case? Are you putting off taking that breakthrough step to keep the hope for a better life alive? Or are you truly committed to preparing and executing breakthrough life changing actions when the time is right knowing full well that you may be facing a total personal reinvention? The best preparation and the right timing won’t ever be enough if you don’t have the courage to dare and take the step. Be your own guru, surrender to change and breakthrough, there is no point in resisting it.

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3 Responses to “The Anatomy of a Breakthrough Action”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Once again you nailed it!
    Intuition/Timing/Intent … a game changing move ‘of the Queen.’

  2. michah Says:

    very true and as I enjoy playing chess I like the parallels drawn here. If you don;t move your players around the board with purposeful intent you cannot win. In life, the funny thing is you cannot loose. But relatively speaking it is better to be active rather than passive, relying on our intuitions and making as many mistakes as necessary to support our experience of learning WHO WE ARE.

  3. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Michah and Joe, thank you both for contributing to this blog and I am sorry I did not answer until now.

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