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Are you Pushing or Attracting?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: October 11, 2010
3 comments so far (is that a lot?)

salesmanAs connected social beings, we are in a constant exchange with others and our environment. Most of this exchange is done through negotiation, from agreeing on who is going to do the dishes tonight to the most complex sale of a product or service – all is negotiated. We present our needs and what we would give in return arriving at a mutual agreement.

In all instances, you are communicating a sales argument, so are you pushing your argument or are you making it attractive? Are you pushing your product or service to your target audience through a direct sales message? Or are you creating an environment that attracts willing buyers without being forceful? Let me turn the question around too: How do you respond to the different sorts of sales messages? Have you ever thought that you prefer a person (offering a product or service) just because he wasn’t trying to sell?

A few years ago, a client told me that he had hired me because “it was obvious that I was not a sales person” – Meaning, that my lousy salesmanship gave him a hint that I was honest. So, I wondered whether I had to remain lousy at sales to give that impression. But in time, I found there was more to the relationship between salesmanship and honesty than I thought…

Certainly, modern society has grown immune to even the most elaborate sales messages. You are probably an expert at detecting the various “sales formulas”; some of them are so sophisticated that spotting them makes you proud!

Don’t get me wrong, these elaborate techniques have worked and you would probably improve your sales if you employ them today. But, if you do, you run the risk of falling into what I call the commodity bucket: Proven sales techniques are “proven” because they have been used to death by many – hence, they are easy to spot. Once spotted, you are labelled quickly falling into the commodity bucket.

“Oh yeah, he is a real state broker, complete with a refrigerator magnet business card featuring his best headshot picture…”

Once you fall into the commodity bucket, you are in competition with everyone in that bucket, and given the similarity in sales techniques employed by everyone, there would be little to differentiate you… You would be easily forgettable.

My previous post was about being the best at creating value through your unique expression: Serving others by being and doing what you love expressed as a unique kaleidoscope of your values, talents, experiences and passions – a unique story.

There is nothing more attractive than the story behind a higher cause, a meaningful mission, a legitimate passion. What results from creating your own unique story, aside from just the great value you offer, is that you are inherently differentiated. No one would be what you are, and do what you would do. You would become your own Guru and you would be the absolute best at it. Certainly, no one can express your uniqueness better than you.

The Internet revolution enables you to express the unique guru you have within to everyone that cares to listen. It helps you connect with many others regardless of time or space. Hence, there is a paradigm shift towards a humanized value exchange as we return to a personal conversation and depart from the cold commoditized mass-media one-size-fits-all broadcasts. It is no wonder that traditional mass-media such as newspapers, network and cable TV are feeling the pain of lower readership and rating.

Since you cannot rely on mass-media, you have to return your focus on building strong loyal direct and personal relationships with those you serve. There are no secrets about what makes you attractive: Love for what you are, for what you do, and for whom you serve. When you are tuned to love, your message is clear and consistent. You build more than just trust; you build an emotional bond with the people you serve that lasts a lifetime. Word of mouth turns into the constant flow of a river, always breathing new life to your products and services.

However, as discussed in the The Signs of Impending Success post, you do have to push, plant the seed and pay attention to any signs of response (what I call energy correspondance) – that’s where the art comes in…

Your best sales technique is to turn your attention to that unique guru you have within and express his/her gift effectively – don’t get distracted.

3 Responses to “Are you Pushing or Attracting?”

  1. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Daniel! The lack of trust in the world is a serious epidemic. The societies of the future will have to find ways to build trust more effectively.

  2. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    here’s my practical response to this brilliant post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBi4tRnOWUo

    here’s my personal response: thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for being the perfect outer reflection to an inquiry I expressed inwardly, this A.M.
    And, thank you for the brilliant inquiry via Skype: “Are you/we creating a ‘needful’ society/clientele if we begin from the assumption that Awakening isn’t already and currently happening to All of Consciousness?”
    Experiential proof seems to be showing itself. Thus, I refer to the video above, and say, play it over the second time listening to The Beatles, “Let It Be.”

    Great Stuff J,

  3. Javier Munoz Says:

    Joe, I watched the video from uniquegenious.com and I totally agree. We are unique by default, so what’s so unique about being unique 🙂 Everyone is, right? So, the key is in embracing that uniqueness (being authentic) by integrating all that we have done with what we are doing presently towards a coherent value creating future… It is only when we create value (not just money) that we are fulfilled. How many people do you know that have made money without feeling fulfilled? The money is a consequence, albeit a necessary one if we are to create the conditions for continuity to our endeavors.

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