A New Stage in our Lives

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: September 27, 2010
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This week we started a new stage in our lives, a departure into what I hope will be a great adventure. Most importantly, my wife and I are expecting our first child in December. His name is Izan (means “to be” in the Basque language) and he is the main reason for all the ongoing changes.

We finally completed our move to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, which has been long in the making. And there, we are planning to create the first Just Action Center for hands-on personal transformation. If you are a graduate from Just Action, you will finally have a physical place to go to and carry on key actions to prepare and realize a practical benefit from your undiscovered potential.

We selected the island of Mallorca because it has the perfect blend of weather, beauty, seclusion, and tranquillity, without sacrificing the practicality of a large city such as Palma with its superbly connected international airport. Not to mention the fact that Mallorca is world known for its beauty. After living in Madrid for the last four years, I am happy to be by the sea again.

To my surprise, the island has a technological center called ParcBit – (click to check out their site!) where more than 110 technology start-ups are headquartered. The center clusters several types of companies from the IT, biotech, green techs, media, and aeronautical sectors. There is also an incubator that helps companies in their initial stages of product development and launch. I never expected to have access to such a thriving community of technology entrepreneurs when I first thought of Mallorca.

Now that I feel the waves of inspiration, my next major release is a Just Action premium program that will incorporate all that we have learned from the free service we have offered up to now plus more quality content and features. To execute this work, I have decided to expand and look for additional financial backing to speed up development and launch. I have never been more excited about a project!

There is also a number of what I call Paradigm Shift Projects in the works for companies in the United States and Mexico that have hired me to assess changes in business environment with design and execution of disruptive strategies to innovate and position their operation with a new approach. The challenge with these sorts of projects is that they turn out when the client is already deep into crisis mode. Although, attending to the needs of a company in crisis is a fun challenge (for me), I wish management teams had the foresight to invest in their teams as an intrinsic aspect of their operations from the start.

I wanted to let you know about all these important changes for us since you have been such an important part in the development of Just Action as it stands. I am most grateful for all your support, comments, and reviews. Next week more!

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  1. Jeanne Demers Says:


    I am just thrilled for you! This is a very full and exciting time for you and it is so nice to hear about it. I feel lucky to work with you and look so forward to all your paradigm shifting support.

    Congratulations on all that is “to be” :))


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