Begin with YES!

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Begin with YES!

Today we have the pleasure to present to you Part One of an interview with Just Action friend Paul Boynton, the author of a great book titled Begin with YES: A Short Conversation that will Change your Life for Ever. This wonderful book presents what I would call “positive strategies” to get unstuck, make decisions, and take action. The book is structured as a conversation that slowly reveals many of the questions that come up as we encounter resistance, change, and the urge to grow. Most importantly, Paul’s answers help us meet these challenges with positive action. As you read on, the book turns into a friendly conversation between you and Paul as he raises many familiar concerns most of us have when managing changes in our lives.

Begin with YES is aligned with Just Action as it encourages you to attract change through what Paul calls The Law of Action “The actions we take influence our outlook. What we do affects how we think, and the kinds of experiences we have. When we take positive steps, small, manageable steps, guess what? We feel more positive and our lives flow more smoothly.”

Watch Part II of this interview where I ask Paul:
About the art of daring, the magic of synchronicity and his motivations for writing Begin with YES!

Book Trailer for Begin with YES

Paperback and Kindle versions available:

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Visit the book site: Begin with YES

5 Responses to “Begin with YES!”

  1. Jeanne Demers Says:

    Thank you Javier and Paul, this was really helpful. I need to plan and say yes to just one step… rather than ten. It will help me side-step the overwhelm I am currently suffering. Thank you for that piece 🙂


  2. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Jeanne, for some reason we have glorified “multi-tasking” as something positive. It is not! Besides, there is no such thing. Paul’s approach is clear and effective. His book is also a refreshing read that makes you feel like he is hand holding you through the typical lows and celebrating the highs. However, I sense that you are overwhelmed by a broader range of questions that are on your top of mind besides your task list.

  3. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    I really enjoyed the insights here, particularly those regarding ‘skimming’ down the ‘to-do’ list and focusing on high productivity, rather than high activity actions. I’m observing, again (which suggests I might be learning the same lesson over, in a different form) that Clear Focus of Desired Emotional Experience, without attachment to How It Appears creates action(s) from others, as expanded aspects of Self to assist in the management and completion of details. Is it possible, sometimes, that the most “‘Just’ Action” we can take is to Allow YOUniverse to Act on our behalf…???
    per usual, and always, thx Javier for another great post/suggestion/gift.

  4. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Joe, Yes, isn’t that a subtle tricky thing! I absolutely agree. There are times where anxiously pushing with actions only produces churn and no real progress. It is an orchestrated co-created universe where not all instruments are playing at the same time. The trick is in listening to the tune carefully, and on occasion in being the conductor…

  5. Paul Boynton Says:

    Greetings from NH. Thanks Javier for the wonderful interview. You are gifted at it and it was so wonderful sharing conversation with you. I appreciate the notes here and smile knowing that I need as much hand holding as anyone! Always happy to chat with people and so grateful to be meeting new and exciting, thoughtful, action oriented people here! Sleep tight everyone and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Paul

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