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By Javier Munoz
Posted on: July 19, 2010
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businessgroupv2I have noticed that most of my clients, personal or corporate, request services that integrate coaching with Internet strategy design. Now more than ever, integrating both types of services is a must since a successful web presence incorporates social interaction that depends on a unique message and strong relationships built on trust. Many technical experts have recognized this and talk about it extensively, but they don’t have the coaching tools, skills, or resources to help their clients tune into the subtle spiritual and emotional elements that help you build a following that sustains a business.

The process you go through to setup your own blog, or a more sophisticated online presence, is in fact very similar to what you do in a discovery process through coaching. You have to tune into what you love, manage any negative conditioning that keeps you from expressing it, design a strategy to differentiate your craft or service, and take material action while preparing the foundations for continuity. Some times this entails a considerable personal transformation, to some degree a reinvention that starts within and not with learning the technical buzz words.

More about this in the post: Your Best Competitive Advantage: LOVE

The Paradigm Shift that I talk about so much in my manifesto and other posts incorporates another language that addresses the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your business as a key factor in its continuity and financial success. You can only clarify and tune into these dimensions of your project by going through a formal coaching process, but without leaving behind the strategic aspect of building your business. It is hard for me to imagine continued success in our current world, where sustainability and innovation are required, without addressing the heart and spirit of your endeavor.

There are countless blogging programs that teach the tactical aspects of building a blog, but in most cases these programs are not designed to help you find out its heart. The heart of a blog is of course, your heart, your passion, your talent, your creative expression. There is more to finding your heart than just asking business questions, so I am integrating the Just Action program to help you define the mission and strengthen the heart of your project.

I would like to improve this new program by incorporating your feedback. Please comment below if you have any ideas regarding what you would want to see included in this program.

After you complete the Just Action program, you will have:

  • A fully functional blog and social media presence
  • A content strategy that leverages your passion and skills
  • A product or service plan with a launching strategy
  • A feasible and innovative business model

When should you select this program?

  • When you are deciding on a new career path
  • When you are unhappy at work and in need of a change
  • When you have been fired and need to reinvent yourself
  • When you have completed a cycle and want to explore other ventures
  • When you have a new online business idea that you want to start
  • When your business is not doing well, and you need to turn it around
  • When you have retired and you are looking for new ways to create value
  • When you have already a clear idea, but don’t know how to implement it
  • When you want a community ready to support your work online

Who should select this program?

Anyone that has any type of intellectual property such as: Authors, Musicians, Artists, Photographers, Professors, Politicians, TV personalities, Inventors, Engineers, Internet Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, or any expert that wants to reinvent the way they do business…

One Response to “Get Coaching while Setting up your Blog”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    I find this to be very timely. As social media continues to expand the conversation of Value(s) driven busi-ness, I observe that What You Say, and Where You’re Saying It From (head, heart, wallet, wall street) is becoming an energetic driver for the intent provided when fulfilling the client. So much of the new media wave is about attracting new business, or maintaining existing clients, AND clients will go where they feel energetic resonance. This all begins from your State of Being, which arises from your Stage of Awareness. Participating in Just Action before you make even one more statement that may not be fully aligned with your underlying Truth may be the Linchpin in succeeding/expanding in fulfilling your Purpose. Know What You Are, then, and only then, speak virally about it. I like this idea of blog integration. namaste, me

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