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Flamenco and Soccer!

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: July 12, 2010
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iker_casillas_2010Since I live in Spain, I have been able to see first hand how the Soccer Worldcup has united us all as a nation with one single hope, to make history winning Spain’s first Worldcup. My wife and I were enjoying the final against The Netherlands when she mentioned, if humanity could unite us with the same passion to take on the problems we face, there are no challenges we could not overcome. If we could celebrate all of human victories with the same fervor, there would be enough energy to create the most unlikely breakthroughs.

The Worldcup is a true global phenomenon that brings people together every four years. More than 200 countries go through a grueling qualifying round which takes place during the preceding three years, and the best 32 teams finally meet to fight for the coveted trophy. An estimated 700 million people watched the 2010 final match making this the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. It has been found that the country that wins increases its Gross National Product by an average 0.7%! It shows then that sheer joy and pride makes us work productively and with optimism.

All human pleasures seem to mix, Flamenco (instead of Zamba this time), and soccer. In this short post, I wonder what would happen if we brought this sense of world unity, this level of team work, this feeling of hope and joy to other important human quests that take place every day? Today, I wonder how we could vibrate in this high frequency when celebrating other human conquests? We should just remember the emotion we felt yesterday as Andrés Iniesta struck a dramatic gol late in extra time. We certainly must experience these moments to know how to instill this intensity in other matters.

For those of you whose hearts were taken with joy, hope, optimism, and this unrivaled sense of unity we feel with all other soccer enthusiasts in the world, I invite you to bring some of this energy to all your other pursuits! I will surely remember to celebrate every triumph even if small with the same emotion since in every minute someone somewhere is making an unprecedented conquest!

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