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Just Action TV | Video Blog » Blog Archive » Is the Universe Corresponding with You?

Is the Universe Corresponding with You?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: June 12, 2010
2 comments so far (is that a lot?)

surfingLast week’s post was about identifying what I call the Push-Pull Transition and the corresponding pull events as signs of impending success. Identifying these pull events and their qualities would allow you to assess whether to continue or to pivot in another direction. Then, a reader asked me: How do you know when it is time to pivot? The standard answer calls for your intuition and your heart to show you the way. However, today’s post is about a feature present in all healthy pull events, it is what I call Energy Correspondence

Remember that for a pull event to occur you must do some pushing first. In other words, you have to take action and express your clearly crafted mission to those people you intend to serve as soon as possible. Then, you must pay attention and remain open to the feedback you receive. Endless theorizing and analysis won’t get you any pull events. Both success or failure are better if they come quickly. I am NOT telling you not to prepare; I am not telling you to mindlessly jump into action. However, you must be aware that an endless recurrent cycle of constant analysis won’t do your project or those you are supposed to serve any good. At some point, you must take the leap.

Energy Correspondence

A METAPHOR FOR ENERGY CORRESPONDENCE: Imagine that you plan to go fishing. Your push actions involve preparing the equipment, picking what seems like a good spot, putting the bait and casting the rod. If there is no biting after a few minutes, you either cast the rod again, change the bait, or pick another spot. The correspondence of energy is in the little bites you feel on the nylon before the actual catch…

All actions cause a reaction and for this reaction to be of any value it must be in harmony with all your push actions. There is correspondence of energy when the reaction is aligned with your intended purpose, when there is seamless flow between you and the object of your action…

ANOTHER METAPHOR: Imagine that you are surfing. Your push actions involve preparing for the right wave, picking what seems like a good one, paddling hard, jumping on the surfboard, and then surfing it to the end. If you got the right wave, with the right timing, you probably got a great ride. If any of these push actions are off, you may get no correspondence of energy making you fall or leaving you thinking the wave was not as good as it seemed…

When you are establishing a relationship with someone, many subtle factors must first find harmony to achieve the intended result. If your first approach was compelling, you will immediately feel the first signs of energy correspondence. The most basic of signs are a smile, an inquiring question, or a thoughtful remark. If the person makes good on their commitments, sends you a message, makes or answers a call, then you have a second degree of energy correspondence. These are all signs of positive energy correspondence that show the relationship is marinating well. These signs of energy correspondence are present in any sphere of activity such as in business, family, or social dynamics.

Persistence is not about paddling harder behind a wave that already passed, but about fine tuning your sense of oneness with the sea to see the wave before it shows as you paddle hard to catch the next ride.

2 Responses to “Is the Universe Corresponding with You?”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Per Usual, I like!!!
    Particularly I appreciate the metaphor of not paddling harder after a wave that has already past.
    Paddle out, then Be Still and Allow Flow to ‘lift you up into it.’
    Also, the inclusion of the links in the text…brilliant.

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