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Are you Planting your Seed Today?

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: June 21, 2010
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seedsIn the past two posts we discussed the concept of Correspondence of Energy as a property of successful actions and the idea of the Push-Pull Transition to understand the process of success and its timing. However, how do we know that the small pull-events that we feel are enough for us to achieve our objectives? Could we have a greater impact elsewhere?

Tuning into your heart’s intuition will always inform you well, but in any event you must remain aware that every action acts like one seed that contributes to the code of all the events to come.

A reader responded to my previous post with this thought: I work with troubled kids. There’s only one of me and LOTS of them. Sometimes, I could spend my energy working with a child that takes advange of my help to heal or I could spend my energy working with a child that refuses to choose that path. I can’t tell which is which because I see them all as whole. So, in that way, I am optimistic and I don’t give up on kids when everyone else does. However, it is true that many of them will not make good use of their opportunities. I would not mind that, but there are other kids that don’t get the opportunity because I can only focus on the one I am raising…

In all instances, she has been planting positive seeds by helping these children. These seeds could germinate immediately or wait for years for the right conditions to emerge like the rare desert blooms of the Mohave Desert. If your actions (seeds) are filled with love for those you serve, then the harvest will be abundant. However, the timing is not a feature you can control, since many other conditions need to be met.

For example

Years from now, one of these children may find himself in a situation where all the lessons that she taught him start to make sense. Maybe an important event triggered a life-changing insight inspired by her relentless efforts. She may not be in his life anymore, but her loving actions lived on to touch his life when it mattered most.

She is successful with children that are receptive because she has earned her credibility by not giving up on anyone. As she works with one child (receptive or not), she is preparing the ground and planting the seeds for all the other children to come. As she said elocuently, they are all part of a whole, and her loving healing actions benefit this whole no matter who responds.

The underlying principle of any action is that they all have an impact. That is the millennial law of karma. If you feel your actions don’t seem to have an impact, imagine them as seeds of good will that are stored waiting for the right conditions to express themselves. No action occurs in a vacuum; even the tiniest of actions has an effect. They may not be evident right away, as nature has its own rhythm.

Our western society is inebriated by the need for instant gratification since we have made our achievements the only measure of self-worth. We grow frustrated if we don’t achieve our objectives in the expected time, and we easily fall into doubt as we question whether we should continue.

However, there is a dream in every action that is expressed lovingly. As a matter of fact, your current life and your current state of being are the product of many of these seeds that you planted as actions long ago, and that now have flourished in harmony with all.

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