Three Keys to Universal Consciousness

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: March 7, 2010
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Let’s start with this story known to many…

There were three young fish living in a tranquil coral reef. One day, two of them decided to leave the safety of the coral reef in a journey to search for what was said to be the fundamental source of life… The other one stayed in the coral reef, and over the years he raised a family and had a life in harmony. Then, the two other fish adventurers came back to the reef after years of dangerous expeditions. The weary little fish were torn by a life of hardship and frustration as they could not find the elixir of life, that which had been called Water

Humanity’s quest for an understanding of our experience of consciousness reminds me of the two fish adventurers of the story. Many have gone to great length to explain the elusive phenomenon of consciousness. Others have claimed that consciousness is universal and ever present here and now. In this post, I propose three keys to Universal Consciousness that may help us understand how it manifest, how we connect to it, and how we co-create it.


Universal Consciousness is a Property of Nature

Universal Consciousness is like the water for the fish. It is an ever present field that informs all organic and inorganic manifestations of nature. The seemingly infinite diversity of life forms and their complex synchronicity in ecosystems of all sorts is orchestrated by this Universal field of Consciousness. All 20 physical constants that are finely tuned to enable life as we know it are a by product of how this Universal field of Consciousness is shaped.

Many authors have written about Universal Consciousness as an ever present and infinite field of information where all possibilities lie. All phenomena manifest as an expression of this field whose indivisible constituents combine into patterns that enact our perceived material reality. However, how is this infinite intelligence encoded in this field? Superstring theory proposes a Universe with 10 dimensions of space where sub-atomic vibrating strings produce all the Universe’s constituents, patterns, and forces. The vibration of these strings and the 20 constants that describe our Universe depend on the shape of these 10 dimensions.

All information for life on earth is encoded in this 10-dimensional Universal field of Consciousness where, as in a binary computer language, the “1” and “0” are replaced by superstrings vibrating in different frequencies. Not only is the information enabled by this field’s architecture, but also its holographic and fractal qualities as well, contributing to our unified and continuous experience of it. In the TED video below, Brian Greene explains how Superstring theory works and he helps you visualize how strings vibrate in a 10-dimensional space.


Nature Connects to Universal Consciousness

Nature is connected to Universal Consciousness because it is one and the same. The whole of nature, including us, is born from this Universal field of Consciousness, and as such it remains connected flowing as one through the cycles of existence. However, for purposes of this post, I will be referring to our human experience of connection to this field.

Much has been said about the fact that our perception does not necessarily describe objective reality. Apparently, the quality of our perception and our experience of consciousness depend entirely on functions of the brain, meaning that reality may be an entirely different thing. We could say that most people don’t experience all realms of reality and that there are varying degrees of perception among people. For example, we seem to be only aware of three dimensions in space plus a one dimension of time. Some people are more sensitive than others to all the sensations that could describe a moment. However, if there is a limit to our brain, most of us have yet to reach it. There is much potential still untapped that would enrich our human connection to what we have called here the Universal Field of Consciousness.

In the following video, Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor explains her heart wrenching experience of a stroke she suffered that rendered her brain’s left-hemisphere temporarily unable to process all information. She explains that our brain’s right hemisphere functions as a parallel processor enabling it to provide a unified and holistic sensation of oneness where the whole is in constant flux without any sense of separation, and where the underlying feeling that provides coherence to the whole is Love. On the other hand, she says that the brain’s left hemisphere functions as a serial processor providing the ability to separate, quantify, and classify all experience sequentially. It also accounts for all that happened in the past, relating it to present experience and projecting it into the future. The brain’s left hemisphere is in charge of providing a separate sense of “I AM” and it is responsible for our constant I-centric inner dialog.

During the stroke, Bolte experienced the quiet still mind, where her I-centric inner dialog subsided opening the doors to an ever expanding boundless state of being. She called this state of being Nirvana as described by mystics that have been able to suspend the ego’s claim of separation to give way to a holistic perception of connection to the whole. I am marveled by our ability to transcend all sense of difference and embody the truth that pervades all dimensions of the Universal field of Consciousness. Please, don’t miss this video.


You Co-create Universal Consciousness

There is a higher intelligence. The reason it is there, and how it came to be is yet unknown and could remain unknowable. However, we are all active contributors to this collective intelligence through our innate connection to it. Our visions, our thoughts, and our affirmations are constantly encoded into our all-encompassing field of Universal Consciousness.

Likewise, whether you are aware of it or not, your creativity is also a function of your connection. It is in this co-creative exchange that seemingly unlikely synchronicities present themselves providing value to our own journey. These synchronicities manifest spontaneously as you act in tune with the fundamental truth of the field.

Humanity’s expanding awareness of the mechanics of the Universal field of Consciousness, acknowledging our innate connection, and accepting our co-creative responsibility will mark the start of the next paradigm shift. In Just Action you pursue your playful creative abilities in the context of this understanding, knowing that a new sustainable beginning can only be realized from another stage of human consciousness.

11 Responses to “Three Keys to Universal Consciousness”

  1. MaryJo Mazzatta Says:

    perfect! beautiful~! I will re-post on my FB Fan Page on Wednesday.

    Thank you all.

    all my love and light,

  2. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    Beginning with “How would a fish describe water?”, and then moving into concept constructs which allow us to expand our perspective and Imagine our connectivity to All That Is, these points signal a shift of Awareness That Has Already Occurred. We are, collectively, moving thru the results of this Shift. As establishments/systems are flailing and failing all around us WE are being directed to observe what we have been pretending to forget, and In The Remembering we find Liberation, True Freedom. Javier Munoz, using Just Action, has created a comprehensive step by step pathway, upon which you lead yourself fearlessly to the precipice, and arriving there you find your wings have always been (t)here. This, and the preceding posts, and BITS are brilliant tools he uses to prepare you for ‘flight.’ If you haven’t noticed he’s a flight instructor, leading you to your own yet uncharted territories, where you will choose where we go from here. I make these comments based on what Just Action has already been to/for me as wind in a sky that previously was closer than water to a fish, and equally as unrecognized. Til Now. Now, I Fly. See you in, and as the sky. namaste.

  3. Javier Munoz Says:

    MaryJo and Joe, thank you so much for these comments, they truly inspire me to continue! I am blessed to have you contribute in this way to this space. Thank you!

  4. Pramod Says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  5. Glistening Deepwater Says:

    Your vision, commitment and appropriate response to the needs of 21st century humanity are commendable. In itself this site is proof of the change we are undergoing, and as each one who accesses this tool undergoes their own reorientation in relation to the whole the effect begins to snowball…
    Javier you truly are a visionary activist, thank you.

    Namaste ­čÖé

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  8. Kathryn Seelye Says:

    Actually, as I last understood, string theory was about innumerable dimensions since the physicists found an llth dimension…

  9. Javier Munoz Says:

    Hi Kathryn, thank you for your comment, I was reading on the subject of dimensions and this is what I found

  10. Cristina Says:

    Thanks again and again!!! It’s a very special gift for me and the people I love!!

  11. Javier Munoz Says:

    Cris, I am glad you liked it… There is certainly an inscrutable mystery yet to be discovered in everything and everyone. Being aware of it is a humbling experience that should rekindle our curiosity and our will to discover. Those of us that surrender to the vastness of what is yet to be discovered will lead the next paradigm shift. A shift in thought and consciousness as profound as humanity┬┤s realization of our galaxy┬┤s heliocentric nature.

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