Episode 12: Action Set for Blogging

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Episode 12: Action Set for Blogging

In Episode 12 we continue the “Action Sets” series. In this Episde we have prepared an Action Set for Blogging that includes a set of key actions to help those of you interested in knowing more about blogging either for fun or for professional purposes. Although I don’t consider myself an expert Blogger, I have followed the best in the business and I have been researching and learning much about this fascinating new channel for communication and expansion. Blogging is a new vehicle to express your passion and to establish yourself as an expert in your subject of interest allowing you to reach an audience that in time could even turn into buying customers. After much research, discussion, and experimentation, I have produced this short video to introduce you to the keys of successful blogging. I provide recommendations for the best blogging experts to follow if you want to learn more.

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