Episode 9: Mechanics of Breakthrough

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Episode 9: Mechanics of Breakthrough

In Episode 9 we talk about the Mechanics of Breakthrough using a Mandala for illustration purposes. We describe the Spirit’s Breath and the balance between risk and security in the process of growth. We discuss the means to reclaim the energy that would enable your growth to breakthrough. We also include recommendations to help you realize insight from these ideas. If you are ready to take action, creating, playing, and expanding, don’t miss it!

2 Responses to “Episode 9: Mechanics of Breakthrough”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    The integral nature of this suggestion is very appealing, AND confirming. To know that by Playing with your ideals and values, and ‘working’ them into your personal character they assimilate into your natural expression is very motivating. Allowing your True Essence to Shine Forth more and more with each interaction, regardless of how you’ve been trained to think others will think of you is so very liberating. I appreciate how Javier expresses the idea of ‘stretching beyond your self imposed limitations’ AND relaxing into their resulting expansions…growing with each ‘breath.’ I also like the idea of a co-produced painting, created to share this message. As always, THX Javier.

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