Episode 3: Facing Resistance

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Episode 3: Facing Resistance

In this episode we cover the following subjects:

1. We provide ideas on how to manage resistance and adversity in performing your Just Action Character

2. We update you on the progress of the One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge

3. We give you tips and recommend books to help you along your journey of discovery

One Response to “Episode 3: Facing Resistance”

  1. Joe Wilkinson Says:

    This episode contains wise observation.
    Harmonizing with the Uni-Verse (ONE Song). Attuning to the resonant vibrations of the resist-dance.
    The suggestion that each Action of Courage may experience a resonant response of resistance; a quake of movement to balance with, as a normal aspect of growth, allows us to be aware of, AND unshaken by, this natural movement thru expansion.
    Well put.

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