Yes we can!

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: August 5, 2009
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Yes we canOn November 4th 2008 the world broadened its field of possibilities showing the way towards a higher lever of consciousness. This road will inspire many to experiment with our infinite potential regardless of race or nation. This road will inspire many to respect the potential of others no matter their condition. This road will permit us to stand united before all challenges ahead. Rest assured that you too will be part of the change.

In most cases, profound changes result as a response to crisis, when the set course becomes unsustainable, when you get to a critical point where change is imperative. The first step for change starts with a decision that marks a definite “before and after” moment setting the stage for a different attitude towards the crisis. The second step entails taking action to make the necessary changes. However, a new approach can only include that which we consider possible according to our beliefs. All the other possibilities, even if valid, could remain in the realm of the unknown potential.

Barrack Obama’s election to the United States presidency is a perfect example of how a whole society can reinvent itself when faced with a crisis (that entails much more than just the economy) demolishing the barriers imposed by anachronistic beliefs, and broadening forever the field of possibilities. The significance of this event is not limited to opening the US presidency to all races, but it should make us reflect on what other limitations we could overcome. We should reflect on what other seemingly unlikely possibilities could be realized in the heart of our organizations. Possibilities that would arise also from a collective effort as the American people did when they elected Obama to be next President of the United States. What is our organizations potential? Can we demolish the barriers that we have created? Are there until now unquestionable beliefs ready to be debunked by new perspectives? Why not? What is stopping us? Let´s begin NOW…


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