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Play to Overcome Humanity’s Challenges

By Javier Munoz
Posted on: August 25, 2009
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There is a super hero inside of all of us... I have faith in humanity’s capacity to reinvent itself, thrive and survive even in the direst circumstances. It has been done before and we will do it again. However, there is no time to lose. The consequences of our acts are upon us, and we most mitigate them and adapt to what is already inevitable. I am talking of nothing short of a purposeful reinvention of ourselves. Reinventing our identity by questioning what we are, discarding all that is not productive, and allowing other unimaginable possibilities, but now in the context of a reconciliation with our environment. Although I may sound a bit dramatic, I assure you that I am optimistic.

Since learning our way through this mess is not only an intellectual exercise, but more importantly a practical experience, I invite you to take full control and create a new “character” for your self. Who would you aspire to be? What would be your purpose? Your values? Your desires? Your newly sustainable belief system? What is your out-of-the-box dream or vision for yourself and for society? You would then “play” this character within a community space that is aware and willing to provide support and guidance in your particular quest. As you play, you will learn by doing and rediscover your true self. It is in this fully realized and pure state of being that one is most productive and in harmony with nature.

There are numerous road-blocks on the way to such a far-reaching personal transformation, one being our own ego, and its insistence on being right. But, for those with at least the initial intent to recognize the need for a change, creating and playing a new character is the least threatening means (and most fun) to explore other satisfying and meaningful alternatives to your current life. If you decide to explore your infinite potential come visit us to play and make it real.

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